Transfar Radio Shuttle System

Speedlog professional team stands in the perspective of Transfar and look for their cause. Through field survey planning mechanical analysis real reduction 3D impact-map speedlog improve storage utilization, logistics efficiency and bring more economic benefits.

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Elee China Logistics (Mezzanine)

This project covers area of 960 square with three layers mezzanine racking system of steel structure meter , majority of the system is racking support Mezzanine system, pallet racking and steel structure mezzanine, perfect meet customers various requirement.

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KJT Dense Storage System

Speedlog satisfy the needs of customers ,implemented more effective and flexible delivery sorting; Reduced the sorting error rate, improve the utilization of the warehouse space, save the manpower cost.

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AS/RS & Mini-load

AS/RS system consist of AS/RS Pallet Racking and Mini-Load Racking which Speedlog is in charge, meet the requirements of client in logistics business and achieve the efficient, reliable, and safe of customer logistics management.

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Radio Shuttle System

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